Candida Maurer

Candida Maurer is an artist, psychologist, yogini, and teacher with over 30 years of experience in mind-body
medicine. She teaches university and community courses in dream analysis, hypnosis, psychological theory, meditation, mandala drawing, and energy medicine.
She also co-founded Eastwind Healing Center, a full-service integrative medicine center in Iowa City, Iowa.


“My visionary art is inspired by meditation, spiritual study, and energy work.
It is an attempt to translate and channel my visions of spiritual reality as it comes through me.
As such, I feel the visions belong to the archetypal creative consciousness and merely flow through me as a gift to the larger Whole.”


New! High Quality JPGs now available!
JPGs can be used for logos, business cards, websites, brochures, or to make your own art.
Use your imagination!

Limited Edition Giclee prints on sale!

Many of my pieces have now been formatted into giclee prints.
This process captures the full radiance and vibrancy of the colors and energy of the artwork.
As remarkable as these images appear on the screen, they are even more vibrant in real life.

Original and commissioned art is often available. Prices start at $250.

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